Intp dating intj

They often spot liars very easily due to their extraverted intuition and their ability to recall and compare statements to zone-in on any incongruities.

The INTP is a laid back personality that is happy to let things slide.

This kind of individual is most likely to have a small group of friends, typically ones who share common interests and opinions.

Although “thinkers” may appear to be day dreaming or completely out-o-tune with their surroundings, they will pay close attention if they hear details that perk their analytical instincts.

This type of individual is mostly concerned with what’s going on in his or her own little world instead of what might be taking place in reality.

Being gifted with such a wonderful thought process, “thinkers” are more likely to view reality as a let-down as they compare it to the possibilities that they often think about.

For the same reason, “thinkers” may be wary to enter into a relationship out of fear that they will become stifled by their partner.Long-lasting INTP relationships may be tougher to develop initially, but those who are able to stick it out can enjoy affectionate and fulfilling long-term relationships.This Myers-Briggs personality is characterized as being introverted, intuitive, thinking, and perceiving.However, they may be roused into a clever and impassioned defense against statements that they feel are wholly incorrect or that hit too close to home with a topic that they feel strongly about.Their enthusiasm may also shine when they get the opportunity to work their problem solving skills.

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This analytical personality loves to mull over things and will often wander so deeply into the recesses of their own mind that to an outsider, they may appear disinterested, detached, or even anti-social.

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  1. You will regularly make obvious efforts to show the other person you care — like driving that person to the half-marathon, or baking a favorite flavor of cupcake “just because.” That sweet, selfless devotion could melt the iciest heart.