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Though it shows no Assyrian influence, the associations of its linear style are with the West, and some links with Hurrian mythology have been detected in the design.

The hilltop fortress at Ziwiye falls within the territory of the Mannaean state, but the famous treasure found there dates from its later history (7th century ornament, a bracelet with lions’ heads, a similarly adorned torque (rigid necklace), a ram’s head rhyton (drinking vessel), daggers, and enrichment for furniture—all of gold.

One was a silver cup decorated with electrum figures in two registers; there are chariots and soldiers above and, below, a lion and a horse opposed heraldically between archers.

Even more remarkable was a bowl of solid gold (Archaeological Museum, Tehrān), elaborately figured with repoussé ornament, the religious or heroic imagery of which is largely incomprehensible.

The stelae of Naram-Sin and Hammurabi were among major works brought as loot to the Elamite capital at Susa, where they have since been found.

The tombs contained gold and silver vessels, comparable in design to those found at Hasanlu, and ingeniously grotesque animal figures in terra-cotta.The ornamental onward it acquired a new importance.The southward migration of Indo-European peoples many centuries earlier, which had brought the Hittites to Anatolia and the Kassites to Babylon, was now followed by a new wave of peoples.In the second period, particularly, there was a continual movement of Indo-European horsemen migrating from the north—a fact that helps to explain the character of the bronzes themselves, for they are nomads’ gear.These portable goods and chattels of wandering tribes must have been produced by the settled craftsmen in the towns and villages of Iran for the nomads who passed through.

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The simplified silhouettes, which once must have appeared as individual figures, are linked together in a repetitive frieze to form a band of enrichment or to articulate some plastic feature.

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