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This book introduces a new way of thinking and talking about women's sexual pleasures, preferences, and desires.

Using the tools of contemporary analytic philosophy, it discusses methods for mediating the tensions among apparently irreconcilable feminist perspectives on women's sexuality and shows how a feminist epistemology and ethic can advance the dialogue in women's sexuality across a broad political spectrum.

The book argues that in order to capture the diversity and complexity of women's sexual experience, women's sexuality must be examined from two equally compelling perspectives: that ...

More This book introduces a new way of thinking and talking about women's sexual pleasures, preferences, and desires.

"Also prevention is better than cure so speak to your kids about their online activity, what they are using and respect the age limits of social media platforms – is it proper to set up a kid with a Facebook account at eight years old?

"What is an appropriate age to give your child a smart phone or device and data or wifi access?

Older teens need some privacy but they should be wiser to the dangers.

Insist on knowing their passwords so you can log into their accounts.

If you pay the bills, it is fair to regularly assess what pre-teens and younger teens are doing with their phones – and do sudden spot-checks.

PAL – Parents Are Listening -or- Peace And Love 111. As soon as adults realise their meaning, they will probably invent new ones.

The internet makes sexual imagery easily available for people far younger than those in previous generations. Part of the purpose of these codes is to outsmart parents.

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If you wouldn’t want your grandmother seeing an image, don’t send it.

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