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He is close to Cody and refers to him as "my little protége", because of Cody's natural talent for cooking.Paolo has quit his job several times (mostly due to London insulting his food), but always returns eventually.He hates carrots and is allergic to horses, as shown in "Free Tippy".

Chuck (played by Dossett March) – The waiter whom Maddie had a crush on in Season one. It is revealed during the series that his full name is "Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya de la Rosa Ramírez".Also in the episode, it's revealed he has a cousin named Milos in Greece (who is also played by Stepanek).In "Computer Date", Arwin himself boards the ship and creates a supercomputer dubbed "Cal" (until he found out it was female, renaming her "Callie") to make the SS Tipton run more efficiently.Ahead of his appearance at Australia's Supanova comic-con event this weekend, the American actor told The Project panel on Thursday: 'They want my socks! I’m a sock guy.' When the interview turned to reflecting on Buffy's recent 20th anniversary EW cover shoot, David added: 'it became this cult sensation.''I like Paul Smith socks, so they are always asking for my socks,' David told the panel hosts. It just took all of us for a ride and it was a great time.

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