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You might just be blown away with this gem of a show. It wasn't until 2008 that Bret Michaels finally admitted to wearing a wig!Jane the Virgin is one of the shows that do not care what the current audience wants to see / is interested to see.The plot is in itself far away from what a typical viewer is interested to watch.With unforgettable characters like Heather, Lacey, Rodeo, Brandi C., Daisy, and Angelique, the show became a hit and lasted for 3 seasons, with Bret still striking out at finding love. VH1 invited the girls back in front of the cameras to find out Where Are They Now?Some of the stories aren't too surprising, and some of the girls have taken paths you won't believe.If you do not agree with it (and still think yourself a real slave) I believe you are following the wrong submissive lifestyle and don't really know who you are !

I think it basically states the mindset a slave should have and puts it in concise terms.

has been suspended following a fatal accident in Southern Illinois involving one of its crew members who police say fell asleep while driving a production vehicle and killed two 19-year olds in another vehicle. In a statement, Bret said, “As a father of two, I cannot even imagine what the families must be going through at this time.

I ran into this recipe while cleaning--this is an old homestead recipe put out in 1906- written as, I am not quite as old as this recipe--.

The plot is outrageous and in the nature of telenovelas.

The creators made the show at high stakes but they also reaped greater rewards. Each cast can carry a scene a telenovela would but with a very "American TV-show" feel.

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