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The first single "Fire" will be released on May 11th as a CD digipack too.

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Kourtney and Taryll are buddies which may also rule out a messy breakup.

These two families maintain an ok relationship up to date.

My aim is to inspire,enlighten,entertain anyway i can. They are actually close and even in the same social circle.Years later Taryll Jackson , TJ's brother and member of the group 3T met and Kourtney had a serious and long relationship for 5 years.But i think when Kim was dating TJ, Kourtney and Taryll must have known each other at some level though the spark between them had not been ignited lol. It would say alot if people knew why these two ended their relationship.Both EP's produced one single, however neither the singles nor the EP's were marketed in mainstream media.Taryll reunited on stage with his brothers on October 8th 2011 in Cardiff, Wales to perform a tribute to uncle Michael as 3T.

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Which is seen on one of The Jacksons docu-series episodes where there is a gathering and the two families interact .

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