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As he watched for Erin, he looked behind him and saw a man in a dark, heavy coat, a baseball cap, sunglasses, with a black bag over his right shoulder.The cap was low over the man's eyes, and in addition to being peculiarly dressed, he looked far too serious for the occasion. Bauman turned his head forward and scanned the finishing area for Erin.Remy and Michele worked their way through the crowd and closer to the street.Bauman remained near the back of the spectators that were five and six deep."It's so deep, the emotions in your mind and your heart, that you pretty much wish you are the one who (was) dead and not your son," says Arredondo. The first bomb that detonated had blown off most of Jeff Bauman's lower legs.Once at the hospital on the day of the attack, a surgeon sifted through the remaining tissue and muscle, cutting away what was dirty and dying.Panter placed a makeshift tourniquet around Bauman's right leg and put a jacket on top of him.

He had been battling drug addiction and depression (largely over the loss of his brother).

Carlos Arredondo had been across the street and came running over to help.

Bauman sat up when he saw the man in the cowboy hat approaching.

After seeing his girlfriend Erin at a marathon checkpoint in Newton, Jeff Bauman went to the finish line to wait for her.

He was joined by her two roommates, Remy Lawler and Michele Mahoney.

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