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Only once did he show the magnificence of his divinity before a select group of apostles.Even then, during the Transfiguration, the experience was brief, simple, and discreet.The artistic depiction of the nativity has been an important subject for Christian artists since the 4th century.Since the 13th century, the nativity scene has emphasized the humility of Jesus and promoted a more tender image of him, as a major turning point from the early "Lord and Master" image, mirroring changes in the common approaches taken by Christian pastoral ministry.The Shroud of Turin and Veronica's veil tell us a lot about his Middle Eastern features; however, our faith is best served by depending on the one authenticated source, the Gospels.The accounts written by the Evangelists depict Our Lord's great capacity for physical activity.In Luke there is no mention of Magi, no flight into Egypt, or Massacre of the Innocents, and the angel who announces the coming birth to Mary is named (as Gabriel) .While it is possible that Matthew's account might be based on Luke, or Luke's on Matthew, the majority of scholars conclude that the two are independent of each other, and therefore offer independently opted details, much the way no two individuals today would give an identically worded account of a past event, at separate times to separate audiences (a statistical improbability) In Christian theology the nativity marks the birth of Jesus in fulfillment of the divine will of God, to save the world from sin.

Even when I have never asked, You have spoken to their hearts and they have obeyed Your voice by sending in a portion of their tithes, offerings and gifts monthly to help keep the sites and blogs running.

When Joseph of Arimathea requested his body for burial, Pilate was surprised to discover that Jesus had died so quickly.

Pilate knew that he had encountered a strong Galilean.

The long hours spent at hard work in the carpenter shop had prepared him well for the grueling task of his public ministry.

He walked many miles under the blazing Middle Eastern sun in order to preach the Kingdom of God.

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Jesus, who is the way, the truth and the life, must be the center, the criteria and the model for our daily lives. Had Jesus of Nazareth been a Roman or a Greek, certainly his contemporaries would have left behind statues in his honor.

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