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We are franchising nationally please visit our Group site to find out more.

We don’t just woof about our own successes, we have some fur-bulous awards which do it for us! We have no vacancies at present, though we are happy to hold your CV for consideration against future vacancies.

They were both so quite it caught me a bit off guard at the scene.

As much as Jenny loves her ball she was very keen on sharing with her new little friend.

#jennyxjokas I usually try to stay on the other side of the camera... Anyone that thinks breeding and raising dogs is easy, hasn’t whelped and raised many. Thanks for giving such loving care Sam and I'm assuming thanks go to Lindsey for her photography and for holding down your fort while you were attending to Jenny.

but sometimes I have a pretty good excuse to capture a moment. It’s hard work and sometimes sad when it doesn’t go as well.

You can carry on with plans or holiday without any worry, you will be reassured that your dog is receiving inspiring levels of care, go on – take a peek, we have nothing to hide and we are always very proud of what we do and love to share it with you.

The whole site is covered by CCTV camera’s, our viewing TV in reception allows you to see our whole facility, all of the rooms as well as the outside.

Jenny doesn’t miss much when it comes to the puppy area.She had noticed the blue jays above getting a little to close for her comfort.All small little things but I never get tired of observing dogs.We are happy to take enquiries for Work Experience placements from Level Three Candidates, please contact us via email in the first instance and send your details to [email protected], we are unable to offer work experience to candidates whilst still at Secondary School as a work placement.

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When puppies are sleeping she loves to come in the office and take a long nap or follow me around while “we” do chores. If you are interested in a #jennyxjokas puppy please place your application now as they are almost all reserved. During a little family social hour with the puppies I noticed several fun things about Jenny’s perceptive nature.

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