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Three years later, the two meet again when Yoo-mi becomes a nutritionist at the company cafeteria where Jin-wook works.They pretend to not recognize each other, while fighting their attraction for each other.Finally Yoo-mi admits that she remembers the incident.Jin-wook asks her the reason why she left him and she replies that it was just a one-night stand. She is very energetic and receives recognition for her work, but her only interest is in CEO Eun Hwan-Ki. So-Rim has fallen in love with Han-Gyul at first sight and has made up her mind to find him and confess to him.When she is accused of being Student X, her dream of going to university to study art is put at risk as she faces expulsion.Jin-wook and Yoo-mi meet at a Gangwon-do resort and get caught up in a series of misunderstandings and accidents.

His mother wanted him to become a prosecutor; to follow the footsteps of his estranged father, but an awful incident caused him to quit law school and become a singer-actor.The two reunite when Noh Eul is tasked to film Shin Joon-young's documentary.Joon-young initially gives Noh Eul a miserable time before finally agreeing to do the documentary and even plans to win her heart back..How can a mermaid from the Joseon era survive in modern-day Seoul?Shim Chung is a mermaid who finds herself transplanted to modern times.

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