Klh dvd player updating firmware

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Pointers to other DVD sites are scattered throughout the FAQ and in section 6.4.

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s EVERAL POSSIBILITIES: * You downloaded protected music on your Windows 98/98SE, Windows 2000, Windows XP computer using Windows Media Player 9.

Music was purchased online or the music was ripped form your own audio CD with Copyright Protection turned ON.o You must use Windows XP and Windows Media Player 10 for online purchased songs.o You must turn OFF Copy Protection on your Windows Media Player 9 before ripping your audio CDs into WMA files* You downloaded protected music to your MP3 player using your Windows XP computer and Windows Media Player 10 with your player in USB mode. The atmosphere of the earth changes after dark and AM signals of a radio station bounce off the atmosphere and return to earth.

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These updates cause more problems than solutions sometimes. I don't If I turn the main power off and then on, the screen runs through some normal stuff and then:-' Please wait... I have redone all my programs but has not recified problem. Hoping you can help Thanks *****: Who makes your media player?

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