Later life dating

Doing this first will ensure that each of you know what you want from your time together.

Things to discuss could be: Even if you’ve been with your partner for some time, talking openly about your needs can bring you closer.

If you find you are struggling to enjoy a fulfilling sex life with your partner because of sexual dysfunction or illness, then talking to your doctor could be helpful.

Relate offer specific sex and relationship counselling for older people Some people feel anxious about having sex, especially if it’s with someone new, if you are resuming your sex life with your partner after illness, or if you’ve been alone a long time.

You may experience problems maintaining an erection.

This is quite a common problem which affects over 40% of men aged 60 and over, so you’re not alone.

Other common sexual dysfunctions could include premature ejaculation or a loss of sexual desire.

Sex in later life may be different to when you were younger, but although you may need to make some adjustments, getting older doesn’t mean giving up on sex.Try not to worry about it, as anxiety can make the problem worse, and be assured that there are things you can do to overcome the problem.There are lots of causes of erectile dysfunction: it could be a physical or emotional issue, or relate to medication you are taking.Talk together as a couple and know that the causes for sexual problems can often be addressed by medication, therapy, or trying new things together.If you find that you are feeling a lack of confidence in the bedroom, this can affect your desire for sex.

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