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I have written before about how Latinos prefer to interact at an emotional or spiritual level.Achieving this heightened level of communication means going further than the articulation of words and connecting by relying on information that transcends the spoken language. are more likely than non-Hispanic consumers to rely on non-verbal communication and gut feelings in almost every interpersonal encounter.In some instances when a respondent became very emotional I have offered a hug.

Simple gestures like a hand on the shoulder or a handshake are effective.

The interesting thing is that Hispanics are very fond of social networks like Facebook and My Space an the Latino communication in those networks is thriving! Because these networks have been successful in digitally emulating non-text communication through the use of photographs, music, recorded voice, video, chat, digital gifts, quizzes, news, status updates, group affiliations, games, personal information, links, and hundreds of add-on applications that often reveal the more personal or emotional side of the user.

These “gimmicks” that we reject in business communication are very much a part of what social networking is all about.

The cues include facial expressions, hand and body movement, physical touch, voice pitch, voice sounds (not the articulation of the words), physical appearance, emotional appearance (like teary eyes), and even smell.

I did not realize how often I used non-verbal cues to communicate until I started dating a non-Hispanic girl who once asked me why I smacked my lips and made other sounds to convey my feelings, instead of simply expressing them verbally.

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While it may be easy to understand the importance of using physical touch in Latino interactions, you may have more difficulty conceptualizing the role that smell plays in the communication.

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