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I would especially like to thank all my fans for standing by me.” Laguna Beach and The Hills reality stars Lauren Conrad and Jason Wahler made a sex tape and it looks like it will be hitting the internet any day now…

reports that Lauren, or ‘LC’ as she’s referred to in the shows, is aware the tape exists but thought she had the only copy.

However LC is unaware that Wahler made a copy, which he is now trying to sell, and if no-one is prepared to buy it, Wahler is going to leak it online instead. Season 2 outperformed the first season in total viewers (up 9 percent to average 2.7 million viewers), persons 12-24 (up 15 percent to 1.7 million) and persons 12-34 (up 8 percent to 2.2 million), according to Nielsen Media Research. After a summer split with her Laguna Beach costar Jason Wahler and a fall fling with Brody Jenner that didn’t quite last a month, Lauren Conrad says she’s learned some important life lessons.

Confessing she hasn't heard anything from either Zayn or his fiancee Perrie Edwards, Lauren was shocked to be associated with Zayn's departure from the band, just days after the picture was posted online.'Where I thought I had the first run of abuse, I thought this is done now,' she added.

'My boss told me that he'd left the band and that I should get home straight away before getting linked to it. People saying "It's your fault, you've made him leave and stressed him out by posting that image".

“So that’s what I’m trying to do – make contacts, get to know people.

Hopefully that will help me as I start moving into my fashion career.” And she already has some fashion tips for young women.

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Wearing a pair of shorts worth three pounds from Dagenham market, hair scruffed up in a bun, no makeup on and we, the people that I was with, went over.'We were dancing up in the VIP bit and I went over to ask for a picture. I then posted my picture and it just went absolutely mental.

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