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We will also look into specific examples where innovative solutions are still needed.

Finally, we will explore the role of regulation in balancing how to maintain financial stability and consumer protections and how to encourage innovation in financial services.

Cognitive Systems have the ability to understand, reason and learn.

In Financial Services applying AI capabilities to real world issues like safer and faster payments is yielding significant results.

Breakout Room In today’s fast paced, technology-driven market, organizations trying to keep pace often rely on consultants, training firms and elaborate change management methodologies, putting the development of top talent on the back burner.

More than half feel they are spending too much time on payments processing, the majority want to move away from cash and cheques and almost all support the continued evolution of the payments industry.Panelists Andre Lyver (Shopify), Anthony Vallee-Dubois (Google), and Ian Jacobs (W3C) will demonstrate how new browser features on mobile and desktop can accelerate checkout.They will also discuss integration with mobile payment applications to enhance payment security through tokenization and multi-factor authentication.Breakout Room In this session, we will discuss what types of financial services are most likely to get disrupted by financial technology (Fin Tech) firms.The impact of the disruption can differ from market share being taken away from incumbents (resulting in some incumbents exiting) to incumbents improving their financial services to meet demands (resulting in the transformation of incumbents) to anywhere in between.

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Breakout Room The future of streamlined checkout on the Web is here.

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