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If, after finding the accused guilty, the court determines that the accused was entrapped, the court will enter a judicial stay of proceedings.

They should have sent a whore not a coke whore because I don't go there just send me a nice old ho guys and you might get me...The service is compliant with all existing privacy and security requirements for safeguarding personal information and user authentication and access.The service was developed as part of DHS' goal to expand collaboration and information-sharing with law enforcement partners. Department of Justice established connectivity to the service via the One DOJ program.i've heard of them trolling on myspace looking for similar activity. I don't know but it seems to be their time would be better used doing other things.This does seem to be the way a lot of crimes are committed (online, not Po F), so to me it would make sense for cops to "patrol" online--but more like on ****Book or something, seems like it would make more sense (is there a "Coke Book" out there? But, yeah, using a free DATING website for this is strange, if it's true.

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But i do still think it might border on entrapment.

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