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Thats all i have noticed in a few days, except when I went to DSE prior purchase and asked them some questions about the my350, in particular about the auto off, I was told that getting info about navman was a waste of time – professional Not. Turto Hi OK Im on a road trip tommorow from Wollongong to Queanbeyan and will be relying on my unit to guide me to some fairy obscure quarry sites along the way.I tried it out today and found that mounting to the window was ok, yes removing the unit from the mount was a bit worrying at first but i soon realised it isnt going to break (i hope).I needed a reliable GPS for work and wanted handsfree voice control etc...I think I got sucked in by the 'lifetime free maps' lol Cheers Shafted I got the MY300 LMT from JB for 8.80 and looking at the specs it is not much different to the MY350 LMT.As for the power cable, no big deal for me as I already have other electronic stuff connected and cables running from various gauges and monitors along the dash (neatly) and go down the side of console to under the dash to a multipoint terminal block etc..I did however have some trouble getting the voice recognition to understand very simple directions and cities, it kept suggesting places ive never heard of :( I gave up in the end and simply typed the directions in.Hands free voice control a bit tricky when fan is full on or when in noisy traffic.Screen sensitivity is also an issue but you get used to it after a while – smart phones screens respond better.

I registered it via the Navman website but am not sure how the lifetime map update works ?

Power should plug into the mount, not the gps and removing the gps from the mount, well, i feel like im going to break it.

Cant figure out how to manually upload my iphone5 phonebook, i will try my wifes iphone 4 tomorrow.

I've only owned Tom Tom's previously and have found them to be quite good but thought I would try out Navman as it was a good price and I believed their voice commands and bluetooth especially were excellent quality...

So after my couple of days on the road in and around Canberra and Queanbeyan, both inner city and country I have found a few things which I will post up over the next couple of days as I find the time...

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