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In some cases it can lead them to cultivate hobbies and business ideas, and in other cases, such as with all the inaccurate health information available, it can be a confusing mix of resources.However, the Internet is enabling the over 50 crowd to learn more about new products, work on their genecology, and learn something new.Indeed, my own mother who retired at 70 ,designed online courses for accountants and telecommuted for several years.She certainly had her geeky moments, or she wouldn’t have been able to compete with the younger co-workers.They can play games, either by themselves or with family and friends.Shut ins or those who can’t get out and around as well as they used to no longer have to feel lonely when they’re home alone.Being able to talk to representatives and have all their questions answered, without being intimidated by voices, attitudes and a phone menu that doesn’t seem to lead anywhere, gives folks more confidence in a product.

But there’s more to social media than Facebook and more to senior citizen use than a few family pictures.Many would like to continue working, if not full time with an established business, they can also consult and freelance.Various networks enable them to find opportunities, post online resumes and view and apply for job listings.Being online allows folks of all ages to start a new business.Perhaps they can sell crafts or give coaching advice.

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To say social media has revolutionized the way families connect is an understatement.

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