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But I can't blame you for saying that when you see some of the things offered by subscription SMS. Some information relevant to Telstra customers regarding Premium Calls and SMS can be found on their web site.

I went to prison for a bit to pay for my actions and was treated great by all these different doctors who saved my life and understood I just made a foolish mistake but I was owning up to it and seeking mental health so I would not get back to that point again, I said all that to say this, my wife stood by me, visited me in prison every weekend and had been working that whole time making a home for us and getting insurance through her work so when I did get out I could get my foot fixed, I didn’t won’t to have surgery in prison one not a clean place to heel,two I wanted another opinion rather than amputation,so I tried going back to work welding when I got out,in two days had a job welding, I thought I had learned how to limp along a deal with the pain, well that didn’t last long after the pain meds my family doctor had me on to help me deal with the pain better stoped taking the pain away and I couldn’t even get a boot on it anymore my doctor pulled me from work cause I was doing more damage to it,referred us to two ortho doctors and the high priced insurance my wife was paying for at this already low paying job she had turned out to be worthless, 0 was all they would pay for anything relating to or for my foot, so only one was willing to do it with the worthless insurance we had cause he seen how bad it was and how bad it hurt,so we went into debt,he admired me for owning up to what I did and trying to do everything I could to avoid having the surgery and actually had tried going back to work and not wanting to be a bum, I’m only 35 and I’m not ready to give up and hated the thought I was going to have to have the surgery and not be able to work for however long and not help my wife, that’s what I was worried about and still am worried, but he and my family doctor talked me into it telling me to go ahead a get the surgery and heal up and then I can go back to work and be able to help her more fixed rather than like this, so I was worried about my wife having to work and support us both I feel bad everyday laying here healing from my surgery and was worried how I was going to pay for the surgery so we filled out all the paperwork for assistance through the hospital and brought all the paperwork they needed from us to file it the day of my surgery and we brought along a check for 0 made out to the hospital from our church they wanted to help us so they gave that to us to bring with us the day if the surgery my wife gave it all to them and I had been treated so well by every medical person from 2014 up to this point,well everyone is ready to go the morning of 2-19-16 surgeon came marked where he was going to cut very nice very hopeful, and a bit later I was out and under the knife, and was told I would be going home that day if my pain was under control,so the removed alot of dead and dying bone, recorrected my foot to where it was flat again cause it healed to one side,they put plates and screws on both sides and fused it, that was all we had agreed to doing cause that’s all the CT showed needed done along with removing some bullet fragments left in there, well when I awoke I was having the most horrible pain I had ever felt in my life, and it was hurting where it had never hurt before I always hurt on top of my foot and both sides of my ankle, but this horrible pain I was having now was in my heel, I never had pain there at all and could not understand why I’m hurting so bad there now, so my whole body is shaking I’m in so much unbearable pain and they tell me I will have to stay for pain control,as soon as they get me up to my room I have a nurse two inches from my face screaming at me asking what’s wrong with you why are you acting like this I told her somethings wrong I’m in extreme pain I can’t stand it something is wrong, I was screaming out in pain I couldn’t help it I have never cried from pain in my life but I couldn’t help it, I have been shot six times,fell 21ft on a construction site years ago but nothing could compare to this, I was nice,respective,begging these nurses to help me,to have someone look at it something is not right I never hurt in my heel they operated on top of my foot something’s wrong.A list of Content Providers that have agreed to be bound by the Mobile Premium Services Industry Scheme can be found here: Regardless of whether the Content Provider has agreed to the Industry Scheme or not, the complaint handling procedure is basically the same.You have 12 months to lodge a complaint (from the date the charges were incurred) if you are not complaining about the content, rather the fact you are receiving the SMS's in the first place.Thank you for helping me with my previouse post: forum-replies.cfm?t=891619I did sms STOP to: MC 19951111 All Day .09 .09I got a reply on the 07/01/08: [Free Msg] Thanks.

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And our hometown is two hours from where we had the surgery and a was not looking forward to the two hour ride I was still concerned about my pain but I thought well I’m going to hurt there like I’m hurting here but I’m not going to have to endure anymore of this horrible treatment and thought if the pain got worse which I don’t think it could get any worse I would just go to our local hospital and have them deal with it.

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