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Such reviews target investments made by foreign companies trying to acquire control of Canadian businesses and allow the federal government to stop deals it deems “injurious to national security.”Here’s how a few recent takeover attempts fared when facing a government analysis:2018: REJECTED: Aecon Group Inc.Ottawa announced that China-based CCCC International Holding Ltd’s bid for Aecon would face a review in February.Unnamed sources that spoke to La Presse said the -million location was rejected because of its close proximity to the Canadian Space Agency’s headquarters.2013: APPROVED: Nexen In December 2013, Chinese state-owned entity China National Offshore Oil Co.Ltd won approval from the federal government to buy Canadian oil and gas company Nexen Inc.

, well before the advent of modern exploration techniques and mining practices.The deal underwent a preliminary security screening, but then the federal government decided to waive a further review and approve the deal. The Conservative cabinet flip-flopped after a national security review warned the deal would speed up China’s ability to domestically produce military laser technology meeting Western standards, Globe and Mail sources alleged.In 2017, Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government scrapped the decision and called for a new review, which allowed O-Net to keep ITF.2014: REJECTED: Beida Jade Bird In 2014, Chinese company Beida Jade Bird wanted to open a 130,000-square-foot alarm manufacturing plant in Saint-Bruno, Que. La Presse reported the plans went awry when the federal government forced Beida Jade Bird to undergo a national security review.V's original 3 properties; 1) the Beaver Property, 2) Silver Mountain Property, and 3) Mink property -- totaling 66.94 (6,694 Ha).The stars denote the location of high-grade historic silver mines.

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