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While not exactly cheap these will cost you about half as much as the ones in the following section.We will start with Dallas massage located near the Hak-Dong subway stop.We list the price that is asked, some guys may want to negotiate while others won’t.One thing that is different about Seoul sex massage parlors is that you should expect there to be some waiting time after you get there.Some will do a lengthy massage, others will skip all that and just get right down to banging.This can vary from place to place but also from girl to girl. Lets get to the names and locations of good places to find a sex massage in Seoul.It is located near the Gangnam train station, you can leave the station at exit 5 and then take a couple of rights and you are there.There is a big sign that is well lit so it is easy to see.

Not every trip to one of these places will be the same for each guy.

You will get a massage from an older lady (sometimes the receptionist) that will last a reasonable amount of time.

After the massage is over and there has been a bit of teasing she will exit and a hot 20ish year old will come in for the sex massage.

Also, at most places you don’t get to choose the girl.

If you are picky and want to see a lineup you can try to ask for one, but if you don’t speak Korean good luck.

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We did list a few cheap erotic massage spas as well, and you can get just as good of service at them as you can the more expensive ones.

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