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Though it's certainly possible that this difference is entirely accounted for by innate gender differences, it's much more likely that at least some of the discrepancy can be explained by reporting differences.

Some women report receiving inadequate or insensitive care in response to trauma, and research suggests this can also play a role in the development of mental illness.Differences in Reporting Most people are quite certain that women are more emotional than men, even though research into this issue is anything but clear.What we do know is that men are often socialized not to share their emotions, and to view emotional challenges as a form of weakness.As many as 41% of women suffer from some form of postpartum depression, suggesting that physiological shifts likely play a significant role in mental illness. Research has shown that women who have unsupportive partners, traumatic births, who live in poverty, or who face high levels of stress are significantly more likely to develop postpartum depression.This suggests that the challenges commonly faced by women may directly contribute to postpartum mental health issues.

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