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Why then does it seem like many scientists defend their ideas of naturalism and the theory of evolution as if their lives and very souls depended on it?The dedication of the scientific community at large to these ideas is generally no less dogmatic and passionate than the religious fervor of the most hardened sectarian fundamentalist.However, many of these same scientists hope to find evidence, even historically based evidence, of intelligent life in the universe beyond our own world.Even within our own world, entire scientific disciplines, such as forensic science, are based on discovering the workings of purpose and intelligence.Certainly one might conclude that the facts are overwhelmingly in favor of one position over another after extensive testing is done, but the scientific method necessitates no prior commitment to outcome of an intelligent vs.a non-intelligent cause, even an ultimate cause, before the outcome is actually tested.Often the thought crosses my mind that scientists are just as fervent and religious in their thinking as any other church-going community. I’m not saying that a little religious zeal is a bad thing – even for scientists.

It seems as though most scientists are uneasy with any theory that does not have its basis in the workings of a mindless nature for fear that the only alternative to this position, intelligent design, might bring back the darkness of superstition.

Almost everyone has heard the children’s story by Hans Christian Andersen entitled, “The Emperor’s New Clothes“. When the Emperor parades around in clothes that are invisible no one says anything because everybody thinks that if they cannot see the clothes that they are stupid, ignorant, or insane. The theory of evolution has become so popular and so pervasive that it is difficult for anyone to question it without being branded as, “ignorant, stupid, or insane.” 1 The passion of those who hold such views testifies to their firm belief in evolution as “more than a theory.” So why don’t I get it? Some might suggest that I am too biased by my upbringing or religious background to see the truth of the theory of evolution.

” This website deals specifically with the theory of evolution and the hold that this theory has taken upon the scientific community as well as the popular imagination.

What they really do is take on a commitment to an ultimately non-intelligent non-deliberate cause for everything that exists. The problem with this notion is that high level information systems, to include those that reach the level of “intelligent minds” do in fact exist and these systems are indeed capable of creative abilities that far exceed those of low-level randomly acting mindless forces of nature.

Why then do scientists assume, from the very start, that the ultimate cause of the phenomenon of “life” was, without question, non-deliberate?

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