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View Now Mamoudou Gassama or "Spiderman" as he will now be called pulled off an amazing feat over the weekend. Sometimes you just can't hold it any longer, and we think Kevin Przytula's soon to be step-son Owen didn't understand the special moment that was happening when his mom Allyssa's boyfriend decided to pop the question! View Now If you've ever thought about picking up money you find on the sidewalk, this incident may make you think twice! View Now Just because someone has a past doesn't mean they don't deserve a future.

After seeing a child in trouble hanging off a balcony four flights up, he used his bare hands to scale the building and pull the toddler to safety. " Malian migrant praised by French president after scaling building to save boy hanging from Paris balcony. The I-70 near Sam Jones Expressway in Indianapolis, Indiana was extremely chaotic after a Brinks armored truck opened up and dropped out bags upon bags of money. That's the mindset of Homeboy Industries, an organization that provides hope, training and support to men and women once in jail or part of gang life.

These three videos capture the shocking moments shared between families and their greatly missed loved ones.

Honestly, these videos bring the tears every single time.

View Now In a world where creativity knows no bounds, people will try almost anything.

Kev On Stage is rattled because soul food is under attack.

Blaine, we'd totally do it for 20 bucks — good work!

via Ben Backer View Now Most people try to stay away from sharks but this model is posing with them.

Take the collard greens, for example, someone is putting raisins in them!

Kev is the hero we need to put this experimentation to rest.

While that was certainly worth celebrating, he was in need of one more victory — the proposal to his girlfriend Kendall Taylor. View Now Some of us are natural born athletes, ready to take on any challenge before us. While this 6-year-old might fall into the latter category, his effort is no less valiant.

The boy was handed the baton at a relay race and he quickly took off..the wrong direction. via Viral Hog View Now Have you ever seen justice served instantly? This driver thought they were clever as they passed everyone stuck in traffic by driving on the shoulder of the road.

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