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"Continue" "Go back to the dressing room" (You should be able to manage things from here) Rachel hotel ending (During the introduction choose the RACHfun 1 option; you will also need to win at the casino or take Crystal & Erica to the bar) Go to store "ENTER STORE" "Buy the camera" "CONTINUE" (Have a drink at the bar and the restaurant) Go to the casino "Book a room for the night" "Go to the room" "Go to the room" (You can sit on the sofa and kiss Rachel, but it doesn?? (The options in gamecheck1are the wrong way round so the game will not let you take a picture here, you will have to edit the file so that if (start == -1){ window.location = "game21.html") "Watch her strip" "Take the picture" "Go somewhere else" "Go down the right corridor" "Use the elevator" "Press the emergency stop" "Watch her strip" "Take the picture" "Go somewhere else" "Take the elevator down" "Walk over to the corner" ?? Expect a fair amount of guesswork, and finally, clicking on the top left corner might let you pick which room to hang out in.This game has been around for quite a while, there is an impressive amount of content, and this is version 7.1. Would be nice if there was a few possible outcomes for a choice that gets you to the same place. porfavor Basic start for all endings: Finish up your work 2. "Just pick a number." (Now open the number 1 in a new tab until you are winning, it`s random! "Let Rachel touch your chest." Let Rachel finish Say goodbye to Kelly Find something else to do Go back to the lobby 1. Can`t recommend this game enough as you can easily note an evolution when it comes down to the variety of choices you can make and the number of endings you can get. Walkthroughs can be found on most from the site though it`s a yahoo site and it only allows you to play so many pages before you have to wait for more stream time. There`s other games on force one that involve members in this game where you can date them as well. Really liked this game, but it took awhile to finally work it through to an ending. ) Kiss her during the excitement Finish kissing Collect winnings 1. "I..a ticket to a strip club competition." Give her the ticket information Say goodbie to Sophie 1. "Two beers." Finish having drinks Suggest dancing Finish dancing 2. "Actually, I don`t know if it`s your thing, but I have this ticket to a competition at a strip club..." 1. "Let`s go somewhere else." Walk back to mid-town Take her to the store ENTER STORE Now it depends an what you want to do. Walkthroughs can be found on most from the site though it`s a yahoo site and it only allows you to play so many pages before you have to wait for more stream time. I put Rachel in the strip contest, and when she won, the game moved onto a nice ending. Capitalism is so irrational that video games are made intentionally bad, against the wishes of both the developers and the customers.

I create indie games that have developed an audience. Luckily it is not a job, so I can take my time, but my followers are always demanding more. "Do what you`re comfortable with for now." Continue Speak with Kelly 3. " Pick an outfit Pick what she`s wearing Pick opponent Pick stripper 1 Begin Speak with Rachel 2. How do I offer the ticket when I don`t have the options. At certain points copy URL into a new tab so you can go on from there. "Pick an outfit" "Pick what she`s wearing" "Pick an opponent" "Pick Rachel" "Go to the stage" "Begin" "Speak with Sophie" ?? "Sure, I`ll coach you." Pick Costume Pick maid`s outfit Select opponent Select Rachel Go to the stage Begin Speak with Kelly 2. I have the tickets for the competitions, but I don`t have the option to give it to them. Tips: Two drinks are enough; Compliments are good; Don’t push the sexual interactions; Be careful with when she says “How about a kiss?” and you click on her lips before you realize it says “french kiss” and she kicks you out, like you knew that was going to happen (kiss her on the cheek instead).

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Anyone who doesn't hear "Yanny" needs their hearing checked. I also included a spoilery guide to events in the first 3 games that you need to remember to make sense of it all. Had Moore won, I think the Alabama economy would have tanked as businesses and events pulled out of the state.

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