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Zac was fearless, certain of his invincibility, confident he could push his limits to the very edge yet always stay in control.He was perfect for the one thing that mattered most in the Easter family: football. talks about his own football career, there's a joyful worship of the sport's violent side: “I just wanted to knock the fuck out of somebody.” He was a safety at Drake University, a small school in Des Moines. So he decided to write it all down—to let the world know what football had done to him, what he'd done to his body and his brain for the game he loved. He typed as he drove, weaving Old Red, his cherry red 2008 Mazda3, down the wide suburban boulevards of West Des Moines.

He'd fly through the woods, build jumps and hurdle over them. ” his dad, Myles Sr., would yell from the porch as he shot by.On Saturday afternoons in the fall, they'd sneak up to the overhead track at Simpson College's century-old gym and listen to their dad's halftime pep talks.The Easters were a Minnesota Vikings family, but early on Zac defected and chose the Green Bay Packers. Zac's elder brother, Myles Jr., was taller, faster, talented enough to earn a college football scholarship and a spot in his high school's sports hall of fame.He never made his boys play football—it was more like it was just assumed. “I was getting to the point where I loved it more than the kids did back in high school.” Not that the boys didn't love it, too.They'd come to practice every day and hang off to the side with the kickers.

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“He was there to do some damage.” He had a lot to live up to, and he wasn't born with what he needed, so in high school he secretly began taking prohormones, a steroid-like supplement banned in many sports. “Zac was a thumper,” his father says, standing in the family kitchen.

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