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This, not cheap frathouse humour, is what explained Max’s fame.His success raises an interesting question: Why were young men in the late 20th century uniquely primed to be drawn to a personal philosophy of unbridled nihilistic hedonism?

Will he ask why young men are eager to take a pass on marriage and monogamy, instead choosing to live lives of one-night stands and pickup artistry? Rather than mature and evolve into an effective adult male role model, Tucker Max has chosen to have an Oprah moment: “I understood intellectually in my twenties that this had something to do with unresolved parental, emotional issues. I could look at other people and see these kinds of issues playing out in them, but I didn’t apply it to myself, because that’s the hardest thing to do for anybody.

Addendum: Check out my Review of Hilarity Ensues (This is a guest post I submitted to In Mala Fide.

Please read and comment on it here.) Tucker Max had the opportunity to be a spokesman for a generation.

Tucker Max is ignoring his opportunity to be a part of history, and his only reward will be a well-deserved slide into obscurity.

Each is a collection of stories from Max’s debaucherous young adulthood.

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At the peak of his popularity, he was a household name on American college campuses, and his first book tour filled up auditoriums across the country.

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