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White men and women are still less likely to respond to an individual who identifies as part Black and part White than they are to a fellow White.

In the case of multiracials, one-dimensional cultural representations influence how they may be perceived as “chic,” “trendy” and “post-racial.” This sentiment has been captured by Ron Berger, late CEO of a large U. marketing company in NYC, who stated that “today what’s ethnically neutral, diverse or ambiguous has tremendous appeal…Both in the mainstream and at the high end of the marketplace, what is perceived as good, desirable, successful is often a face whose heritage is hard to pin down”.As shown in Figures 1 and 2, three multiracial groups received what we refer to as a “dividend effect.” Asian-White women were viewed more favorably than any other group of women by White and Asian men, Asian-White and Hispanic-White men were also afforded “dividend” status by Asian and Hispanic women respectively.And Asian and Hispanic women responded more frequently to the multiracial men than to either their co-ethnic men or to Whites.Thus, inequality in the form of colorism, or the systematic privileging of light skin over darker skin that spans back to colonialism, is likely to explain some of the more favorable treatment afforded to multiracials in online dating.Overall, the existence of a Multiracial Dividend effect complicates previous studies on online dating that suggest a status hierarchy with groups neatly parceled out in order of desirability.

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A generation of scholars have since sought to assess whether the increase in multiracial identification reflects real changes in the U. Using 2003-2010 data from one of the largest dating websites in the United States, we examined nearly 6.7 million initial messages sent between heterosexual women and men and assessed whether White, Asian, Black and Latino monoracial (those that identify with a single racial group) daters were less likely, equally likely, or more likely to respond to initial messages sent from Black-White, Asian-White and Latino-White multiracial daters compared to messages from their same-race in-groups.

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