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Like its more famous cousin, dhansak, patia is a Parsee dish.

Lightly-fried onions cooked with tomatoes to a natural red sweet and sour sauce.

Indian snacks (Namkeens) make a welcome beginning to any meal and this opportunity to 'dip in' to a range of delicious flavours is not to be missed.

A testament to the art of combining fine ingredients to produce a sublime taste.

This dish is cooked withpilau and saffron rice together with chicken, lamb,prawns, lightly fried onions and exotic spices. Tandoori King Prawns cooked in butter and delicate flavourings derived from saffron, cumin, coriander seed, peppercorns, cardamom, mace, with a hint of garlic, freshly crushed ginger and lemon juice cooked with the finest Lahori Basmati rice with channa. With its abundant variety of traditional spices and an enviable location on exotic trade routes, India has enjoyed many influences from which to develop its cooking traditions.We pride ourselves on using wonderfully fresh ingredients to their best advantage to create a range of delectable starters, inspired by authenitc recipes from across the Indian continent, full of flavour and visual appearance.Hyderabad's 400 year old culinary history, like its culture, is well known throughout India and Biryani is its most talked about dish.Grilling and barbecue cookery has been at the centre of the country's favourite recipes for centuries.All dishes can be served with a curry sauce of your choice as listed in the sundries section.

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