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I know there are a lot of made up stories,..everybody's got one,....which is why there is a protocol to follow which is what is there to C. go through the motions,..wind up being wrong,...who's hurt?and at leastyou know, don't,.sort of thing can happen,..., It's no different than working in an ER,..someone comes in complaining of chest pain,...times out of ten the person has nothing more serious than gastric indigestion,..the protocoll is you ALLWAYS treat them as if they were having a heart attack,..untill ou can rule it out,...never FIRST assume that it's gas,...untill you can INCLUDE a coronary,....------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------so better late,...comment,....Most ectopic pregnancies are only diagnosed at the time the baby is big enough to rupture through the tube it is lodged in, I said this is but one possible complication of pregnancy,...

She could of overpowered the police and made off with their weapons, while in a pregnant state.

All I'm saying is that we shouldn't judge anything based on one side of the story. I didn't read anywhere (accurately) that it DID take it's first breath.

Having the miscarriage in the hospital doesn't mean it took a first breath.

People have seen the video, personally I did not, but if what they are saying is true, why didn't the Cops take some due diligence and spend minutes or a few hours getting her checked out.

If she was faking then they could have taken her to jail, but if she was telling the truth, a few moments of compassion would have saved a world of heart ache.

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