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There are so many good messages in the movie that need to be known.I enjoyed watching how a man went from one extreme lifestyle to another, yet through his new rules, he was able to show true love to a girl and in return that girl was able to show him that he deserved to be loved.” “Everything old is new again.I promise you won’t be disappointed and she will thank you for it.” “You’re going to like this movie for two reasons: 1) it exposes the core issues of our broken sexuality and 2) it’s extremely well done.Dozens of LOL moments erupted from the crowd followed by sobering moments that captured the essence of our mistakes and regrets.” “OLD FASHIONED is a refreshing love story with a new plot twist.“It’s incredibly rare to see an American movie with a Christian perspective that’s more invested in philosophizing and empathizing than in eschatological pandering, and for that alone OLD FASHIONED deserves commendation.

It's an engaging story that touches your heart and makes you think. OLD FASHIONED is an excellent experience that shows how to have a real relationship with a strong foundation.” “OLD FASHIONED rings with the kind of ‘true love’ we all desire for our lives. The characters in this film show us that even in the midst of brokenness, we can commit ourselves to a path of mutual dignity, respect and true cherishing in our relationships that can draw us ever closer to one another, and ultimately to God.

But not in the sense of being ‘out of date.’ Some people run away from their past. This movie reveals how love can both free you from your past and give you a new future.” “As I watched OLD FASHIONED, I felt like I knew the characters personally.

Clay and Amber embody aspects of so many different people and stories I have heard over the years.

I hope many will want to see how love can grow through respect and honor in a relationship, a refreshing alternative to what has become standard movie fare! " "I applaud the creators of the film OLD FASHIONED for highlighting the beauty of old fashioned values, chivalry and honor.

” "In a world where 'sex sells,' OLD FASHIONED is a refreshing foray into the battle of the sexes from a wholesome and healthy point of view. While the world peddles the latest erotic products, men and women are truly longing for intimacy.

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This timeless film will remind young adults that God’s grace never runs out!

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