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For a short time, feeling ignored by Cora, he became infatuated with a housemaid, Jane Moorsum (whose husband had been killed in the First World War), and they seemed on the verge of an affair, but came to their senses after a timely interruption by an oblivious Mr Bates.

To avoid further incidents, Jane decided to leave Downton.

He later said that he was ashamed of his motives for pursuing Cora.

The script of the finale to the most recent season of was downloaded after the hacker, known as “Guccifer”, apparently accessed Lord Fellowes’ BT internet account as part of an assault on the private data of hundreds of celebrities, politicians, industrialists and other prominent individuals.

But a cache of documents handed to an American website, The Smoking (TSG), shows that Guccifer, who last year released hacked images of paintings by the former American President, was more prolific than previously thought.

The latest list of victims includes the director of Romania’s domestic intelligence service, the comedian Steve Martin and John Negroponte, the former US ambassador to the United Nations.

His British targets also included the actor Rupert Everett, the broadcaster Jeremy Paxman and the author Martin Amis, though it is unclear whether any of their data was accessed.

TSG, which normally specialises in reproducing crime-related documentation, said it had been passed the data trove because the hacker feared imminent arrest by the FBI.

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