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" They arranged to meet at a deli that was about ten minutes from Katie's office. It also thrilled her that just an hour ago she had been regretting what happened in Kyle's apartment last night, but now here she was thinking about how far she could take it. If anyone saw, she could say that Kyle's company was a potential sponsor for their show.

After getting settled into the driver's seat she pulled out her phone and looked at Kyle's last message. No one would know, she thought, and that thrilled her. -You left something here ;) Curious, Katie thought for a moment.

"Well, actually, the Jungle Cats are on board." The Jungle Cats were the local Single-A baseball team.

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Did he listen at Kyle's door long enough to recognize his girlfriend's voice?

So far, things had been quiet, from both Ian and Kyle. With each passing moment, she worried that somehow Ian found out what happened last night. Could he have come to her door, maybe to surprise her with flowers, only to hear the hot sex going on in Kyle's apartment? She imagined Ian walking away from Kyle's door with her bouquet of flowers, his face red.

There was no way she'd be able to keep this from Ian, especially if she kept things going with Kyle. It was lunch time and everyone usually scattered to find coffee or a quick bite before rushing back to their desks. She remembered how hot it had been to have Kyle take it off her and toss it somewhere, how hot she felt being topless for him.

She couldn't hurt Ian, and didn't want to hurt Kyle either.

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