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With beautiful pixel art and an intriguing story, this is one game you definitely won't want to miss!It's no secret that RMRK has been dropping off in terms of activity lately, despite our best efforts to breathe life back into the forums.

On the same quest, the two form an unexpected and peculiar bond as their simple tale of survival turn into extraordinarily gripping moments in this lonely place." With a unique story and beautiful custom artwork, Wanda is sure to be a game worth experiencing!He hopes to see the forums continue to thrive - an effort that is very much appreciated! There may not be any pretty screenshots to look at yet, but if Bluntsword's books are anything to go by, this is one project you'll want to keep an eye on. are developing an exciting new take on the "dating sim/farming" genre.This Game in a Week challenge is based on themes, selected not-so-carefully and varying in degrees of weirdness and randomness. The Lhuvia tales utilizes Celianna's Ancient Dungeons tile pack to create a unique and beautiful environment to explore.Many of us had given up hope of ever regaining the former size of our community.But lo, like William Wallace rallying the Scots to fight for their beloved homeland, Strike rallied us to resuscitate RMRK, and I mean, RMRK's kind of like our homeland, right?

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