Portugal dating customs

If you want to have lots of action, you can't create an atmosphere where girls are judged after doing it. That's the difference between our society and the Brazilian, overall, they don't care about a woman's past in the same way that Portuguese men do, so women are free to express themselves sexually without the same constraints as Portuguese women.

In other cultures, it's very "normal" to start conversations with perfect strangers in public settings.I have dated Portuguese and foreign guys, I would rate Portuguese men as the most conversative, only beating the Italians.IMO, the hook-up culture is not as established in Portugal because our society is judgemental as a whole, both men and women.I'm also a Portuguese girl and I agree that women in general are conservative.However, the most interesting question to ask, aren't Portuguese men very conservative as well?

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I'm from the US and I could honestly say the same about my people, or at least the ones I've known in my life growing up there. I think this is related to the fact that we're so used to foreigners, like you guys are here.

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