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The best way to find out, is to call and ask your pharmacist when you would be able to fill, since they may refuse it if you try to fill it on the 12th. I was just curious because people seem to know a lot about CP here. Reallywant (to be out of this pain, or to accept it...) You know, you would probably get some pharmacists who would fill it on the 12th, then others who would refuse to fill it until at least the 13th because of the word "after".

Doctors can get in trouble if someone tries to fill a postdated script. Actually a good system, should not even allow them to pick those dates as an added security, but I guess some mom & pop stores might not even use a computer so who knows. If the Doc wanted you to fill it on the 13th, he would have written, "fill on 2/13" or "Do not fill until 2/13." I think what the Doc means is fill on the 12th or after, meaning do not fill until at least the 12th or do not fill "early." The others have given you some good advice about calling.I'd deffinately call for clarification, or ask about it at your next appointment.Doctors can get in trouble if someone tries to fill a postdated script. It changed back around 2008-2009, because I had to go every month, and then all of a sudden it switched to every 3 months due to a new law.The USDOJ/DEA allows each state to regulate their own rules on this.

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The combined effect of these multiple prescriptions is to allow the patient to receive, over time, up to a 90-day supply of that controlled substance." I know for a fact it is legal in Virginia.

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