Pregnant after first just started dating

has anyone had any symptoms similar to mine and conceived successfully.

Or am I just feeling the symptoms from last months pregnancy? I'm now 7DPO and the nausea has started, which I didn't have with my chemical. My HCG levels showed they were going down and I ended up just getting what seemed like a short period 6 days late.

A source told the publication: ‘It was such a bad relationship. They were very concerned.’Apparently, the news of Kylie’s pregnancy came as a shock to her family, especially her older sister Kim.

Kim is also believed to be expecting, with a surrogate reportedly carrying her third child with her husband Kanye West.‘She didn’t respond well at first.

I had two other chemical pregnancies; one in Aug and one in Sept.

Being concerned about 3, I talked to the fertility doctor. I was told, by the doc, that chemicals are a good sign that your body can get pregnant and is recognizing issues early. I just feel scared that something like that would happen again.

I have 2 healthy children and this was my first miscarriage..still worried. Hi I'm experiencing the same I've had 4 healthy girls then in 2012 I was pregnant with my son (low placenta through which resulted in abruption at 35weeks) I'm now 38 the beginning of August I had chemical pregnancy and waited for my period which was exactly 28days as normal, I felt implantation on 21st this month with spotting on 24th I tested positive up to today my test was very faint and clear blue said not pregnant af due today but no signs of that yet! My gynecologist and doctor both said the same thing to me it's proof you can get pregnant. As I said all my symptoms never went, but they have increased!

And I'm always regular so I'm a little confused as to never having chemical pregnancy before or miscarriage why I'm having them now? Last month was incredibly stressful with work and I have promised myself that my health is way more important. I'm 8dpo and the way my body is acting and I've also been charting my bbt.

I've changed all my bad habits like not drinking enough water, taking my vitamins, folic acid etc.

Until I found this method from I'm completely fine now. Next day I took a digital and it said ' Yes" I went in to get blood work today and have to go in 2 days later.

I'm so nervous that I will have another Chemical pregnancy.

I still have aching breasts bloating, mild cramps and twinges on the left hand side exactly the same for the past six weeks.

We ttc again after I got a positive on an ovulation kit the same time as I do every month.

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We had fantastic sex and she wanted to meet up frequently. ""You don't have to help me raise it, you don't have to support us, I just want your seed."I was a little dumbstruck, but after a bit I finally said "That's very flattering.

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