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The research sheds light on one of the most important periods of Egyptian history documenting the various rulers of Egypt’s Old, Middle and New Kingdoms.

Despite Egypt’s historical significance, in the past the dating of events has been a contentious undertaking with Egyptologists relying on various different chronologies.

The Bayesian analysis of the results suggested that around 1/3 of the results were statistical outliers, raising questions over the association of the Neanderthal human remains and the personal ornaments (some pictured above) found in the same archaeological layers.‘Our results confirm that material has moved up and down and is out of sequence in the Châtelperronian levels.

We think that there has probably been some physical disturbance which has disrupted the proper sequence of the layers.

This section summarizes the use of accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) for radiocarbon dating measurements.

Tom Higham was lead author on the first paper which was concerned with the dating and analysis of the KC4 maxilla from the site of Kent's Cavern, in Devon (above left).

Radiocarbon dating was first attempted on the specimen in 1988, and a date of 30,900 ± 900 BP was obtained.

The meeting was a closed one, with only invited collaborators on the grant coming.

The presence of the Campanian Ignimbrite at the site adds to the chronometric picture.

The finds come from beneath this 39.3 ka BP tephra.

19/10/2010 The theory that later Neanderthals might have been sufficiently advanced to fashion jewellery and tools similar to those of incoming modern humans has suffered a setback.

A new radiocarbon dating study, led by the ORAU, has found that an archaeological site that uniquely links Neanderthal remains to sophisticated tools and jewellery may be partially mixed.

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