Radiometric dating on mt st helens who is dwight howard dating

So even though these sharks were immense, the majority of their bodies were not fossilized; cartilage usually disintegrates too fast for the fossilization process to occur.Therefore, there are still many factors of the megalodon that we are unsure of.However, based on the serration marks found on the “mega” teeth of the ancient shark, it is believed that they also fed upon whales. Unfortunately, due to the fact that not much information has been determined regarding these incredible beings, the absolute reason of why they all died off is unknown.There are a few theories that would explain the extinction of these animals, however.Now, "for the first time in all of time man has seen the Earth from the depths of space---seen it whole and round and beautiful and small." With satellite photography Earth is seen literally from a new point of view and geology is perceived and understood in a new planetary perspective.Almost without our realizing it, the tools for space studies have brought about a new age of rediscovery of the planet Earth itself.

Every megalodon tooth that has been found is ancient.

These low temperature waters were probably too cold for the megalodon to survive.

Interestingly enough, there are many who refuse to believe that the megalodon shark is indeed extinct.

Until a fresh megalodon tooth, a “megatooth” shark sighting, or some other form of proof has been presented, it is determined that this ancient shark is most definitely extinct.

One of the most significant results of space exploration concerns our view of Earth and the dynamics of how the planet changes.

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