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If a complaining witness wants the charges dismissed there are often many steps that the “victim” must complete before the prosecutors will even consider a request for non-prosecution or dismissal. Individual citizens do not file criminal law suits, the State does.That’s why criminal cases are styled, “The State of ” versus a defendant.Throughout the state, we have the reputation for having a formidable trial team. Assault Family Violence Attorney Cody Cofer is a former prosecutor that understands the unique issues that complicate assault family violence cases in both trials and negotiations.Our firm works tirelessly to defend your assault case both before and during trial.If you are formally charged (by indictment) with assault family violence enhanced with a prior conviction you need a skilled and experienced trial team on you side.

It is a tragedy that domestic violence occurs, but it is also a tragedy that many lives are ruined by false allegations.Take a look through our recommendations and call Cofer Law.A first offense of an assault family violence charge can be a felony if you are accused of impeding breathing or circulation to the brain.Assault family violence is a serious charge regardless of whether it’s a misdemeanor accusation or filed as a felony charge.Most assault charges involve family members and/or conflicts in dating relationships.

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