Regular expression for validating date format ddmmyyyy

As a design pattern the Front Controller is described as: The Front Controller design pattern defines a single component that is responsible for processing application requests.

A front controller centralizes functions such as view selection, security, and templating, and applies them consistently across all pages or views.

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PHP components are small, self-contained scripts, and it is possible for the web server (a separate product such as Apache) to activate any of these scripts directly without having to pass through a single control script beforehand.Some people ask intelligent questions while others say "your work is no good because it cannot do so-and-so".These people either haven't studied my work or cannot work out how it is done because I use a technique which is totally different from theirs.The URL at the site's document root without any intermediate steps.If the web server can execute the desired page immediately, why should I introduce a potential bottleneck in the form of a front controller?

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