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Hanau has five two-track platforms (three to the north, two to the south) in a vee configuration.

The line towards Wrzburg takes the southerly tracks, while those to the north serve the line to Kassel.

We're surprised to discover that the terminal at the Bakersfield Airport is new, and quite different from the one we had used in November, 2004, so the wait after we've checked the luggage through to Frankfurt is more pleasant than expected.

The flight down to LAX is uneventful, arriving at Terminal 8, and we then walk over to the Tom Bradley terminal for our international flight, avoiding the long lines because we have boarding passes and the luggage is checked already, go through security, change some money into Euros, and settle down to wait for our flight.

Wrzburg has at least six island platforms serving eleven or twelve tracks, with station buildings on the north/east.

At the east end of the station, the line curves sharply to the south, crossing the river again, and then turns back to the east on the south side of the river as a line to Wrzburg Sd and beyond continues directly south.

The main line southeast passes through Grosskrot-Zenburg, Kohl, where the 755 mm gauge Karlsgrundbahn line heads east from its own station on the north side of the line, Dettingen, Rckerbacher-Schlucht, and Klein Ostheim.

An S-bahn line leaves to the northeast on a flying junction, while the double track main line passes through Offenbach (two island platforms, four tracks), where a branch departs to the southeast, there is a yard on the south side and a freight depot on the north side, followed by a signal box on the north side, Mulheim and Steinheim, both of which have stations on a separate line running on the north side.The historic line curves away to the north, following the canal, at the start of the connector onto the north-south high-speed line, which bridges over the canal and directly into a tunnel, followed by two more tunnels.The connector line crosses over the main high-speed line during a turn to the south and passes through another tunnel before joining that main north-south high-speed line at a grade-separated junction.Half an hour proves not to be long enough, but amazingly, 45 minutes is, so we catch the second ICE to Munich around the 1700 hour, departing at 1709, by one minute, with no time to get our railpasses validated first.The Frankfurt Airport station has two platforms serving four tracks inside an artistically-styled totally-glazed overall roof.

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he latter is delayed 80 minutes because a component in the aircraft has to be replaced, but eventually things are fixed, and we take off.

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