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But the songwriter in him compels both introspection and, through his music, public disclosure. In Denver, he is a hometown hero, with a growing hold on fans and the kind of clout that lands interesting gigs, like his performance tonight with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra.

The pairing might not seem intuitive: a fully contemporary neo-folk singer and the mega-ensemble whose job it is to perfect music composed centuries ago.

Producing charts for everything from mandolin and guitar to viola and oboe is a complicated job, though computer programs, like Pro Tools, help by generating orchestral music samples around existing pop songs that logically assign parts to traditional instruments. The song is primary, and you don’t want to get in the way of that,” said Clifford, who remade “Evelyn,” “Amsterdam,” “St. “But there’s an enormous opportunity to deepen and enrich the original material.” Clifford makes his work sound logical, but connecting European modalities to Isakov’s creations brings them a long way.

His art has a distinctly American resonance to it with banjo affectations from the deep South, and the simple melodies you hear in country.

Finishing up with an encore, lots of thank yous and long bows, Rodrigo Y Gabriela definitely appear to be deeply grateful to do what they do and their pure joy for the music comes through in every note.“I picture myself listening to my music alone, in my truck.” he says.His lyrics — those experiential tales turned into impressionistic poetry, sifted through mindful, internal machinations and then set to music — are the product of the generations that follow Bruce Springsteen and Leonard Cohen.A bucket on his floor is filled with notebooks of his writing that are still drying out. The deleterious effects in evidence here, however, on the second night of a UK tour – even featuring just five of those accompanying musicians, on brass, piano, bass and drums/percussion – went far beyond mere dilution.

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Musician Jay Clifford, who did the arrangements for the CSO’s recent show with Mexican duo Rodrigo y Gabriela is tasked with making sure the Isakov event comes off credibly. C., he has had a hand in both musical worlds, succeeding with his rock band, Jump Little Children, and as a solo artist.

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