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Accounts manager Anna said: "I'm a single lady just looking for a bit of romance then this message popped up with the word stunning.

"I just found it so funny because he must be the world's stupidest drug dealer to have all these pictures on a Plenty of Fish profile. “Not only did he look like a thug but he was showing off all this wedge.

The man, who claims to be 30, and from Preston, Lancs, messaged Anna Whittaker, 28, through the Plenty of Fish website and wrote “stunning”.

Recently single Anna of Bristol was shocked when she looked at his profile which included a picture of a giant stash of super strong skunk weed and bundles of bank notes.

Conservation groups have teamed up with dating site in attempts to find a mating partner for an 11-year-old frog named Romeo in an attempt to save his species.

What kind of qualities does one need to have in order to become popular in Rate?Sehuencas water frogs have a lifespan of an estimated 15 years meaning Romeo doesn’t have much time to save his species.According to the researchers, Romeo has been making mating calls for years and they still hope they can find him a mate, and in the process ensure his species doesn’t go extinct.The mum of one said: “Yes I’m single, I was feeling a bit sorry for myself, and I was looking for attention. “I broke up three weeks ago, he’s in the Army and we split up because he cheated on me. I went back on the dating website because you need to jump back on the horse, and wanted to show that I was still attractive.“I was just shocked by this guy’s profile.” Anna was sent the message on Sunday.

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Are gender-specific or gender-neutral ways used for presenting the selves in the virtual world?

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