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But that should be good enough for Dean, who again spends a whole lot of time sulking about having to wear a tux. When he tried to guilt-trip Rory into saying "I love you." That's not how this works, Dean. Rory ends up begging Dean not to be angry at her–which becomes a repeated refrain throughout the rest of their relationship–and this whole scene sums up Dean's insane sense of "Nice Guy" entitlement when it comes to Rory. When he expected Rory to spend every second of spare time with him.

After building Rory a car–which is objectively an amazing thing to do, credit where credit's due–Dean waits approximately thirty seconds before turning the gift into an emotional bargaining tool. The single episode that cemented my hatred for Dean was season two's 'There's The Rub.' With Lorelai away for the weekend, Rory is excited to have the house to herself for a Friday night, and excitedly tells Dean about her plans to do laundry, watch TV, and eat Indian takeout.

He concludes with this delusional kicker: "You and me. At the very least, we know he's rocking a great coat.

The same thing happens before Rory's debutante ball–which, okay, Dean has a point, it's a dumb tradition and Rory's only doing it because it's important to her grandmother.

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Collectively, they form an intriguing generational narrative that’s more meaningful than what premieres on Netflix Friday after nine years of lingering fan investment and dissatisfaction with the show’s conclusion in its seventh and final season.

The revival, helmed by the original showrunner and creator Amy Sherman-Palladino, will offer closure for many fans, while also acting as a throwback to one of the generation’s earliest portrayals on TV: The WB dramedy was one of the first character-driven series to trace the transitional experiences of a Millennial protagonist.

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But the series, which just received a full-season order, at least suggests that portrayals of Generation Y are prevalent enough in the public consciousness to justify a network show dedicated to making fun of them.

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