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And try Robert Rodriguez, who directed the other half – instead of the family flicks his mom had chosen. But what sort of actress enjoys fleshing out such rabid male fantasies?As Rodriguez confides, "When we started talking about the movie, Quentin said, ' There should always be a lesbian kiss just around the corner – possibly.' I took that to heart, and in my very first scene, I have two female tongues going at each other and licking.

After all, we could just as easily have filled this list with her collaborations with Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino ().Dawson is welcoming visiting friends, including Rose Mc Gowan, who's sitting on Dawson's white couch with a sweater borrowed from Dawson pulled tight around her.We've got Shiner Bock beer (local to Austin, Texas, where DAWSON: I talked to Quentin about it several times, because I had a huge problem with leaving her there. " And he says, "No, you can't, that's not how it's going to work." I was like, "Damn."MCGOWAN: I'm surprised you thought you could change that.Shot in a pseudo-documentary style, the film also starred a then-mostly unknown actress that, like Dawson, would become a fixture in Hollywood in the coming decades: Chloe Sevigny.into a blockbuster movie director Chris Columbus opted to keep the original cast nearly intact.

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