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Of course, by that time, Rachel was already pregnant with Ross’ baby, which posed its own unique challenges for Mona and Ross’ relationship.

Ultimately, Mona was kind of dull — sure, she was nice, pretty, and seemingly smart, but there was nothing particularly unique about her.

Cheryl and Ross had a lot of things in common and probably would have had a fairly successful relationship — you know, if her place didn’t look like a nuclear bomb went off and the only thing that survived were Doritos crumbs and the rats.

Ross met Mona at Monica and Chandler’s wedding, and then reconnected a few weeks later.

A curious challenge that long-running television series often encounter is that it is difficult continuing to give your characters forward momentum without feeling as though you are just recycling plotlines.

Cheryl was the hot paleontologist Ross was really excited about dating — until he saw her apartment.

One of the ways that that series handled it was to keep giving their lead character, Ted Mosby, different longterm girlfriends that faced a similar problem with their central romantic couple, Ross and Rachel (played by David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston). " game for the first season before getting the two together in Season 2 and breaking them up in Season 3.

The creators of the series, Marta Kauffman and David Crane, always intended for Ross and Rachel to end up together at the end of the series.

You see, the show planned things well in advance and they already knew, at the end of Season 6, what their cliffhanger for Season was going to be, which was that Rachel was going to be pregnant (they even knew that Ross was the father).

Therefore, they believed that ultimately the Elizabeth pregnancy plot, which would have ended right about that time, would conflict with their plans for Rachel's pregnancy (one pregnancy plot after another with Ross?

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