Rubber band theory of dating

Having one a relationship like that is very nice if you can get it. So surely distance can be frustrating if you're in a relationship that you see as primary, loving, and committed, even if that commitment is sealed with only a handshake and a kiss.Not everyone can get it, however, and we don't roll over and die because we are alone. It is frustrating for both becauseone distances, the other chases, then the first has to distance even farther, which is more work for him/her, and the needier partner has to chase again, and this goes on and on and on, and it's exhausting, frankly, psychologically. This is the gift worth giving and is so appreciated that it truly buys love and gratitude from a psychological-space- craving partner.The video requires a post in and of itself, so you'll have to wait a bit for more about the casual relationship and the inherent problems of these dyads.First, a foundation., she has an intuitive understanding of the psychological process inherent in the theory, a part of it. Thanks to a recent comment, we're getting back to it.To do this I am recommending you also watch a new video, PG for those of you who worry, the first and perhaps last video featuring a therapydoc who poses as me, of all people, on the Everyone Needs Therapy You Tube Channel.According to the book, men are not in touch with their feelings and don't know what to think, so they stretch out like a rubber band and will most likely come back after a while, when they have sorted through their feelings. So, in this case you think..."WOW- That girl was awsome, shes got to be the coolest girl ever (yes, I think like this somtimes) Theres NO WAY she was as cool as I remember her being, I musta had more to drink that I thought..." "OMG _ BRAIN!!!! Geez, I hope to hell that I didnt come off as weird, or love-struck or anything dumb... On the other hand, if any of you guys find this theory to be true, let me know. No matter how we feel about you ladies we have a habit of not wanting to let ya know we like you more for than just sex. I always wanted to be a Fireman...I digress...point being is...rubberband effect or he'll come around phylosophy is only when he figures out he might have to settle for less than what he wanted.The women have to be patient enough to wait around for them to "come back". Yea, I did too didnt I ffs, ffs, ffs, ffs, ffs, Ok.. We don't like to appear weak and needy in front of you....thats why some Moron invented the the 3 day rule when to call some one after the first date. Just like you who paid money for some guy who was a writer for the National Enquier. If a man is in true "Love" he won't need to think about it...he'll be busy setting up his "Slingshot of Love" for you and treat you like a queen and a best friend.

Sure, we all need space, but the ideal, the satisfying dynamic in relationships, really is intimacy. The video is insufficient, of course, because it panders to the intuition and advice of less-than-seasoned therapists who recommend that if you give enough space to your partner that you will live happily ever after.I know a person who lives in California who writes food recipes books, he gets every recipe he can from magazines, papers etc...from other countries and make a book with it, so he's able to do that, but don't ask him to fry an egg, because he has no clue.So here you are, knowing you need someone in your life and somehow someone pops up, seems to be interested in playing this in your head, and Bryan Adams, for whatever reason, is singing with Barbara Streisand.

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