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As all of this attention suggests, what we wear on our feet is far from a matter of indifference or utilitarianism.SHOES AND IDENTITY Rites of Passage In other times and places including Scotland (Wright 1922) and Mexico (Heyman 1994), the mere possession of shoes was enough to confer status, with the rich being known as "people with shoes." In other contexts, including American adolescence, the type of shoes worn is the more critical marker of age and economic status.Shoes and our desire for them are the objects of art (e.g., Cotton 1999; West 2001; Warhol 1998), satire (e.g., Alderson 1998; Pond 1985), museum exhibitions (e.g., Michell 1997; Pratt and Woolley 1999; Ricci 1992), films (Turim 2001), and expos Ts (e.g., Goldman and Papson 1998, Vanderbilt 1996).And they are the objects of a growing number of histories, catalogs, essays, and tributes (e.g., Beard 1992; Caovilla 1990; Cox 1998; Girotti 1997; Mazza 1994; Mc Dowell 1989; Patterson and Cawthorne 1997; Steele 1999; Sunshine and Tiegreen 1995; Trasko 1989; Yue and Yue 1997).Every time my family went shopping, I begged to go see if "my" shoes were still there, to make sure that nobody had stolen them away from me.When I finally had enough money, my mother took me to Payless to get my shoes. She kept asking me if I was sure I wanted those shoes, those white, fake-leather, sandal-like shoes with a two-inch cork heel.The students in the 2000 study also conducted and wrote-up observations of shoe buying behaviors.

Shoes are seen by both men and women as important and shoe styles, color, condition, and match with clothing are seen as telling cues for making inferences about others.

Just under 10 percent of the 288 interviews and autobiographies were from people born outside of the U.

S., and they are excluded from the present analysis.

These findings are supported by other work on shoes.

The average American woman is said to own 30 pairs of shoes and 88 percent of women buy shoes that are a size too small (O'Keeffe 1996).

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