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Life goes on, it's going to be a very intense time for me to emotionally process this.None of my family have ever been out to Thailand in the year-and-a-half we've been here but my mum is literally on a flight which will be here at 6pm which I'm really grateful for because I really need her.'She didn't deserve this.

They will help me through this and I just need so much support from everyone, from you lot from anyone that knows me and knows her.'I'd ask anyone that knows someone that knew her to inform her because I'm not able to contact everyone.

She was my twin flame - the person that understood me the most.'Describing the impact on his girlfriend's son, Mr Glass said: 'There's a lot of people having to go through this pain but the person I feel sorry for the most is her little boy Shaye who's five years old.'I had to explain to him that his mum was dead and that she isn't coming back.'He does understand that she's dead but it's also a lot for a five-year-old to understand so it's going to be a bit of a process for him.'In a graphic description of his girlfriend's death, he recounted in the video:'I turn around and I see Sophie laying flat down and a massive articulated lorry has literally run over her head and made her head pop and I still have the blood over my shoes now.'I had little bits of flesh on my bag and on my feet. I'm scared.'Health and detox coach Mr Glass announced her death on social media yesterday, writing: 'Tragic news my girlfriend died in a scooter accident we had today.'I am in total shock as I've lost the most precious person I had ever connected with. He said: 'I am talking with her spirit and she was very very angry at first at me and angry that she wasn't here any more, which is understandable because she didn't want to leave.'Miss Rose, who was six months pregnant when she died, is originally from Blackpool but moved to Chiang Mai in Thailand with her boyfriend and her five-year-old son Shaye.

She gained fame for her You Tube videos that showed her breastfeeding her son and encouraged women to consider adopting the practice themselves.

In her videos she also promoted her son's high-raw vegan diet and was a supporter of home-schooling.

Miss Rose was six months pregnant at the time of the accident, according to Lieutenant Colonel Sanit Nookong.

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  1. When the time is right for you to venture out on your first date, there is absolutely no better way to spend time together than tasting red wine and a hot air balloon ride over the Barossa.

  2. With the reputation of being one of the most gorgeous women in TNA, Rayne made a surprising choice of dating Mathews, who the company hired the former WWE employee just a few days after he was released by the big company.